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Stewards of Edgewood Preserve & RC Aviation Enthusiasts

The primary mission of the Edgewood Flyers is to promote outdoor family activity and foster educational advancement in conservation and model aeronautics through fun and fellowship. We also provide guidance and direction to those indivudals interested in maintaining the Edgewood preserve and furthering the mission of the Edgewood Flyers.

"Model aviators provide long-term stewardship. They care for the areas they use" - United States Environmental Protection Agency

Model Aviators have been helping to protect the Edgewood Preserve for more than 40 years since their first flights there in the 1970's. Well over $100,000 has been invested in the preservation of the preserve, funded entirely by our members. Today, the Edgewood Flyers continue to provide the family-oriented and community-based activities of model aviation in harmony with the environment.


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