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President's Message

2022 is just about behind us.  After the past couple of years it was great to see a very strong year for EWF.  Membership is strong and growing, member participation during events for 2022 was one of the best in years. With some cooler months and more rain ahead, the field should recover from the heat and lack of rain for the the last few months of the flying season.

As you know, the board will remain unchanged for the 2023 season  This group has worked exceptionally well together over the past year and we all look forward to the coming year.  We have begun to discuss ideas for next year events and promote each "open" event too attract more entrants.  We have one of the best "unrestricted" flying areas on Long Island.  Showing that off to local flyers could be a good membership boost.

We have just completed the second cutting this year of the north, east, southern and along the access path.  The place could not look better.  The extra trimming done along the entrance earlier this year now looks great with open access.

Our next big event will be the EWF Christmas Party.  It will be held at the VFW Hall in Wheatly Heights on & DEC 2022.  We would like to thank EWF member John Sharpe for securing the hall again this year for our event.  There will be great food as always and in typical EWF fashion, some great raffle prizes not to mention a great HI-ROLLER raffle for those willing to take the chance.  Please check future emails for the address and times.  

See you at the field,


Prez, EWF


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